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While cyber-attacks from external actors grab headlines, OT engineers know that the biggest risk to their networks originate on the inside. In fact, the leading cause of operational downtime is human error. To ensure safe and reliable operations, both OT and IT teams must be alerted to ANY changes made to the OT environment.

A fully visible and secure ICS environment improves your network engineering


Full Visibility of OT Assets

Get details on all ICS assets and devices – including PLCs, RTUs and DCS controllers – regardless of whether they’re communicating in the network.


Maximum Safety and Monitoring

Combine your IT team's forensic data with your OT expertise to perform auditing and configuration control for PLCs, DCS Controllers and other devices.


Detection of Risky Events

Get real-time alerts on critical OT incidents like code downloads to controllers, HMI device not responding, key state modifications on PLCs, etc.

Threats to ICS Networks diagram

Protecting Operational Assets

Securing OT assets requires more than just layering IT cybersecurity tools on top of your industrial control systems. Automated asset tracking provides clear visibility into changes made to ICS devices, enabling you to detect attacks and take the required actions.

Maximize Safety and Productivity

Protecting your critical industrial control systems from cyber threats often requires collaboration with the IT security team. Efficient enterprise security management means finding tools that will effectively serve IT and OT, while ensuring your network remains both secure and available.

When security is done right, based on extensive visibility, it also makes the lives of OT engineers easier. ICS cyber security solutions that provide answers to questions like “what did my vendor do when accessing our network remotely?” or “what is the current configuration of all industrial controllers?” are crucial for safe and effective OT network operations.

Keeping OT Assets Safe

An up-to-date and accurate asset inventory is vital for defending your OT environment

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Complete Asset Inventory

View configuration details for all OT devices – from Industrial controllers to HMIs and SCADA Servers.

screenshot of all controllers and ICS modulers found in the network

Complete Asset Inventory

Automated asset discovery and visualization capabilities provide you with a comprehensive up-to-date inventory of all network assets, including Workstations, Servers, HMIs, Historians, PLCs, RTUs, IEDs, network devices and more. The Indegy solution also discovers dormant devices that are kept in the network’s blind area. The asset inventory includes unparalleled information depth – including Firmware & OS versions, internal configuration, running software and users, as well as serial numbers and backplane configuration for both PCs and Industrial controllers.

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Comprehensive Audit Trail

Complete logging of all events that impact ICS network and devices.

Screenshot of a Single Controller events

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Logging of network activity is crucial for both security and routine maintenance activities. Following a maintenance session performed by an integrator, you need to know what PLCs they connected to, what code blocks were changed, and what new devices were connected to the network. Indegy's audit trail provides information about all the changes in your devices with ICS-specific context awareness. This helps you identify unauthorized changes and streamlines management of third-party maintenance activities.

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Controller Configuration Management

End-to-end configuration tracking for efficient audits, backup and recovery, and compliance reporting.

Screenshot of a Single Controller Code revisions history

Controller Configuration Management

Keep track and log all configuration changes executed by a user or by malware, whether over the network or directly on the device. It provides a full history of changes made to device configurations over time, including granularity of specific ladder logic segments, diagnostic buffers, tag tables and more. This enables users to establish a backup snapshot with the "last known good state" for faster recovery and demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.

We Secure Your Industrial Operations

IT Security Managers

OT Engineers

Risk and Compliance

Executive Management

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Gain the benefits of IT cybersecurity tools – but for an OT environment

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Lax security practices can cause major disruptions to your operations – make sure you know of any change in your OT environment

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Audits require accurate data. Indegy provides a complete and automated audit trail of engineering activities for compliance reporting

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Reduce business risk and improve operational efficiency by securing your industrial control systems

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Industrial Cyber Security

Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Suite

Delivers end-to-end visibility, security and control for all OT activities by analyzing your security posture at the network and device levels

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When we looked at Indegy we found that they understood cybersecurity from an industrial control system perspective; not just an IT perspective -- and that's what really drew us to them.

Paul Siegmund, Manager - Automation & Technology Services, PUD No. 1 of Whatcom County

Indegy's Device Integrity provides us a lot of valuable information. It provides firmware levels. It provides programming changes. It provides time stamps on the information. This is all information that we would not have had in any other manner.

Steve Worley, SCADA Security Manager, City of Raleigh NC