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Detect industrial attacks with Indegy signature-based
threat detection engine

Relevant Industrial Control system (ICS) signatures are developed to find known attacks that can impact Industrial Cyber Security environments. Our signature detection engine works in concert with our policy and anomaly-based detection to identify both known and unknown attacks.

Leveraging all three technologies working together ensures that you see more, catch more and can stop attacks before they negatively impact your mission and goals.

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Deep Packet Inspection

Leveraging advanced detection methodologies, Indegy matches signatures from its extensive database down to the packet level rather than using packet filtering which can miss certain types of known attacks.

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Community Based Collaboration

Indegy is a member of the OISF and leverages the strength of the greater security community by incorporating Suricata as an additional contributor to its signature based detection capabilities.

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Action Based Alerting

Indegy sends actionable alerts based on your requirements. Different severities or types of alerts may be routed to different personnel and may arrive based on their preconfigured channel of choice.

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Industrial Grade Security

A confluence of factors has put OT networks online and more susceptible to cyber attacks. Without the appropriate rulesets, ICS security can be hard to attain. Watch this webinar to learn about the best practices for creating rulesets that truly defend your business.

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Leverage the power of the greater security community

The Indegy Signature Based Threat Detection Engine, leverages our close partnership with OISF. Utilizing the Suricata set of signatures along with Indegy proprietary signature rules you’ll have access to the widest possible detection engine available for ICS networks. The engine detects attacks throughout all stages and alerts with context on suspicious traffic that can indicate reconnaissance, exploits, installed malwares, lateral propagation and more. The engine is constantly updated to detect the ever-evolving threats in the ICS landscape.

Widest Range of Threats_Signature Detection

Widest Range of Threats

Detecting threats starting from the initial reconnaissance stage to, scans, exploits, lateral movement, malware weaponization and attacks.

Updated Signature Database_Signature Detection

Updated Signature Database

Keeping up with all the threats to provide the best detection possible to the newest and most sophisticated ongoing attacks.

Mitigation and Prevention_Signature Detection

Mitigation and Prevention

Contextual alerts, combined with mitigation steps help users mitigate and prevent undergoing attacks and potentially vulnerable configuration.

Amplify Your Threat Hunting

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Discover Attacks

Thousands of signatures to detect the widest range of attacks.

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Discover Attacks

Indegy ICS Dedicated ruleset, covers all the different and evolving threats to ICS networks. Using this curated ruleset, users can achieve protection from a variety of different threats while minimizing false positives.

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Define Your Ruleset

Create rulesets that best fit your unique network needs and threats.

Ruleset Rule Group Signature screenshot

Define Your Ruleset

Configure and create rules to match unique network needs using Indegy policies. Define and customize the rulesets specifically to the threats relevant to your business.

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Detect The Newest Threats

Keep updated to constantly detect new threats.

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Detect The Newest Threats

When a new threat emerges, Indegy will update the signature database keep protecting your environment. New and improved signatures are regularly updated in order to protect from new and sophisticated threats.

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Create a Trusted Ecosystem

Indegy’s Industrial Cyber Security Suite integrates with many security and monitoring devices already deployed in your environment.

Indegy Partners

Our consortium members are critical to Suricata’s ongoing success and development. With support from companies like Indegy, our team can keep Suricata ahead of the growing demands for stable and robust security technologies.

Kelley Misata, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF).