Indegy patented technology protects industrial organizations from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error. We maximize safety, reliability and business continuity for your Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environment – so you can sleep at night.



Gain crystal-clear situational awareness across your OT environment in a single pane of glass.

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Protect your industrial network from advanced cyber threats and risks posed by hackers and malicious insiders.

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Take full control of your operations network by tracking ALL changes to any ICS device.

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Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Industrial Control Systems

Enjoy all the benefits of IT cybersecurity tools, but in an OT environment. Leveraging our hybrid threat detection approach, Indegy automatically identifies ANY changes to your ICS infrastructure.


Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite

Get end-to-end visibility, security and control for all OT activities by analyzing your industrial security posture at the network and device levels.


Indegy Device Integrity

Go beyond passive network monitoring with active detection checks that automatically and safely discover all changes related to ICS devices.

HP Products Risk Assessment Image

Indegy Risk Assessment

Understand which assets are at risk, where your OT network is most vulnerable and how to secure your environment with this customized service.

We Secure Your Industrial Operations

Power & Utilities



Oil & Gas

Transportation & Logistics

Building Automation

Food & Beverage


Cybersecurity for power and utilities. Securing the journey towards more efficient and more resilient electric utilities

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Industrial cybersecurity for automotive manufacturers harness interconnectivity without creating cyber risk

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HP Pharmaceutical

Industrial cybersecurity for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Avoid dangerous and costly errors with accurate change control in pharma

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Cybersecurity for oil and gas facilities. Providing full visibility to the entire chain of the oil and gas industry

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Cybersecurity for transportation and logistics industry. Keep your mobility operations safe from cyber threats

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Building menegment

Building automation – BMS and HVAC cybersecurity. Centrally secure and maintain your diverse building management systems

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Cybersecurity for the food and beverage industry. Protect food quality and safety

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Hybrid Technology Engineered for OT Networks

Device Integrity

Device Integrity

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Policy Based Detection

Policy Based Detection

Indegy Device Integrity Pie Piece
Indegy Device Integrity Pie Piece
Indegy Anomaly Detection pie

Comprehensive. Visibility. Security. Control.

The combination of passive monitoring with active context is the only way to gain full visibility of all the data you need to effectively secure and control your industrial environment.
Device Integrity

Device Integrity

  • Queries devices for full configuration and state
  • Detects local changes and provides extra alert context
  • Read only, use of native protocols = zero impact

Anomaly Detection

  • Detects deviations from a network traffic baseline
  • Detects malware and recon behaviors

Policy-Based Detection

  • Detects critical changes that don’t rise above statistical noise
  • Powerful white and black-listing of granular activities
  • Triggers device integrity checks at pre-determined situations

We have found a solution that allows us not only to identify the devices by listening, but also to proactively query them and get additional information. This information is not only valuable for security teams, but also for colleagues, who are operating those assets.

Rene Rindermann, Chief Information Security Officer at E.ON

We chose the Indegy platform for its unique ability to monitor, proactively detect and alert our staff to any changes made to our industrial control systems that could impact their integrity and proper operation.

Steve Worley, SCADA Security Manager for the City of Raleigh

Indegy’s Partner Ecosystem

Integrate best-in-class security products from our partners across your IT & OT infrastructure