Why an OT HealthCheck?

In recent years, the frequency of attacks to the OT network have accelerated significantly. Likewise, the movement from OT to IT teams for the security responsibilities of the OT network has transitioned rapidly. Traditional IT tools are not designed to effectively monitor or secure the operations network and it’s critical to use the right tools. OT engineers expect that you will protect and safely secure their network.

What’s in an OT HealthCheck?

The Indegy OT cybersecurity technology is patented and provides detailed reporting for each of the following:


Asset Tracking

Identification, classification and detailed description of every device in your environment, to be used as reference in maintenance work, upgrades or other changes in asset inventory.

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Risk Management

Listing of existing known vulnerabilities and risk scoring for assets, so mitigation work can be focused where it matters the most in order to improve overall risk posture.

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Threat Detection

Full network traffic analysis to look for any potentially malicious activity. Either a general purpose malware or the most targeted ICS attack exploiting proprietary configuration protocols, Indegy can parse, analyze and alert you on it.

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Activate Your OT HealthCheck

Please fill the following details and upload your traffic capture

Upload your PCAP file

Please upload a PCAP file or files from your ICS network for Light Checkup. File size is limited to 1GB. If you want us to analyze larger files Contact Us.