Industrial Cyber Security

Industrial control systems (ICS) are both the backbone and the achilles heel of every industry sector and any nation’s critical infrastructure. They provide essential services that support the foundations of modern society. If compromised, they can cause widespread physical, financial, and environmental damage.

The Critical Control Layer

Industrial controllers such as Programmable Logical Controllers (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) are dedicated industrial computers that serve as the brains of all industrial control processes. They play a vital role in complex industrial processes such as power generation, oil transportation, electrical and water utilities. Therefore, if a controller is the target of a cyber-attack (one that alters its logic), the effects could be catastrophic. Similarly, if the controller logic changes as a result of human error, the damage can be significant.

Threats to Industrial Controllers

Cyber attacks make headlines, but for most organizations, operational continuity is a far greater concern. Disruptions caused by negligence and operational mistakes are just as damaging.

Cyber Attacks (External Threat)

Cyber Attacks

(External Threats)

Targeted attacks

Collateral damage

Malicious Insiders (Insider Threat)

Malicious Insiders

(Insider Threat)

Disgruntled employees

Compromised IT devices

Human Error and Negligence

Human Error

and Negligence

Unintentional mistakes

Insecure contractor equipment on site

ICS attacks are inherently different from those in the IT space.

Operational Blindspots

Implemented years ago, before the cyber threat existed, Industrial networks were designed for operational safety and reliability. They were not designed for visibility and control which they inherently lack.

No accurate inventory of control devices

No controller maintenance logs

No control over PLC/RTU configuration lifecycle

No visibility into control-layer activities

No real-time alerts on unauthorized activities

No visibility into control-layer activities

Lack of visibility and control limits your ability to identify critical events, pinpoint the source of the problem, and effectively respond.

The Indegy Advantage

The Indegy platform is the first and only solution to provide full visibility into ICS networks, uniquely identifying changes to critical controllers, including change to firmware, logic, and configuration updates.

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