[Report] Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership Award

2017 North American Industrial Cyber Security for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Product Leadership Award

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[Infographic] ICS Incidents in the News

A number of high profile ICS incendents have grabbed headlines in the last few years. How Indegy would mitigate?

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Controller Video
[Video] Why Industrial Controllers Must be Protected?

Industrial controllers are critical to the continuity and safety of physical processes yet they lack security controls […]

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[Webinar] ICS Cyber Security in The Real-World

Demonstrating Threat Detection and Mitigation In Industrial Networks

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[Brief] Indegy and HPE ArcSight Integration

Indegy has partnered with HPE ArcSight to deliver real-time ICS network security[…]

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Patched APX file with shellcode to run Calc.exe (Original file on the left, patched on the right)
[Webinar] How a new PLC Simulator vulnerability can compromise SCADA/ICS networks?
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[Whitepaper] 5 Things You Should Know About The Industrial Control-Plane


What is the industrial control-plane and why is it important?

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[Webinar] The Industrial Control-Plane

5 Things You Should Know About The Industrial Control-Plane


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[Video] TiECon 2016 Session

TiECon 2016 Winner Indegy represented by CEO Barak Perelman at TiECon

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news item
[Webinar] Unveiling Security Gaps in ICS Networks

View recorded webinar – Originally played on June 28th 2016

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[Data Sheet] Indegy Company Overview

Indegy is an Industrial Cyber Security company that delivers visibility and control to ICS networks

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[Solution Brief] Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Platform



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arcvideo - small
[Video] Indegy’s CEO @ ARC Industry Forum 2016

ARC’s Sid Snitkin interviews Indegy’s CEO Barak Perelman about ICS Cybersecurity

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[Video] Introduction to Indegy Industrial Cyber Security

Watch this short video to learn more about Indegy Industrial Cyber Security

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