Our Approach

The Indegy Platform enables ICS engineers and security personnel to secure and control ICS networks by mapping all the controllers on the network, documenting their configuration, logging all activities and changes, and providing in-depth visibility into to their state. With real-time situational awareness effective security and change management policies can be applied to prevent unauthorized activities.

understand what
needs to be protected

Monitor on-going activities

Apply policies, Get real-time alerts

The Benefits

The Indegy platform is purpose-built to provide real-time situational awareness and visibility for ICS networks.
Industrial facilities implement Indegy to gain comprehensive visibility and control over ICS devices used  to
automate operational processes and protect them from cyber attacks, insider threats and human error.

Gain visibility and control over ICS networks
Identify malicious activities and receive alerts on
unauthorized changes
Troubleshoot problems caused by
configuration changes or firmware upgrades
Address regulatory compliance and change
management requirements

The Indegy Platform

The Indegy platform is based on core technologies that monitor ICS networks and provide unique and critical
visibility into control-layer activities identifying changes to controller logic, configuration, firmware and state in real-time.

Delivered as a turn-key network appliance, the Indegy platform is agentless,
non-intrusive and deployed without disrupting operations

Do you want to direct the alerts to your SIEM?

  • direct the alerts to your SIEM?
  • relay asset configuration details to the CMDB?
  • leverage in-house scripts?

The Indegy platform supports external integration through the easy to use RESTFul API.
Streamlined integration allows you to maximize your return on investment.

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